Zvika Klein: European Jewry in an Era of Change

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Zvika Klein: Európai zsidóság – változó világ?

Az “Izrael – A lehetőségek világa” című program keretében Zvika Klein, díjnyertes izraeli újságíró tart előadást az Izraeli Kulturális Intézetben az európai zsidóság jövőjéről, kihívásairól és dilemmáiról – és arról hogy mi Izrael szerepe mindebben, és hogyan lehet Izrael jobb partner egy sikeres együttműködésben.

Az előadás nyelve angol.

Zvika Klein: European Jewry in an Era of Change

Zvika Klein, award-winning Israeli journalist is giving a lecture at the Israeli Cultural Institute about the future of European Jewry, its challenges, dilemmas and how can Israel be a better partner to resolve them.

Zvika Klein is a journalist who lives in Jerusalem and works for Maariv and Makor Rishon daily national newspapers. He is the Judaism Editor for Maariv’s website, NRG, and covers Jewish and Jewish Diaspora affairs for both newspapers. Zvika was born in Chicago and made aliyah with his family in 1985 to a settlement called Ginot Shomron. He served as an IDF spokesperson during his army service, dealing with ultra-Orthodox and religious Zionist media. Zvika worked in the PR field for five years, representing Jewish organizations and companies to the media, such as the Israeli Ministry for Foreign Affairs. Zvika edits the Judaism channel for Maariv’s website, NRG. Zvika’s goal is it to write about the Jewish Diaspora. During his work as a journalist, Zvika has written hundreds of magazine articles and interviews with or about Jews from around the world to broaden the horizons of Israeli readers. Zvika also has a regular slot on the popular Israeli TV show, Tzinor Laila, on channel 10. There he speaks about cool, new online trends in the Jewish Diaspora communities. His believes that his work connects between the two worlds that are slowly separating: Jews around the world and Israel.

In 2015, Klein’s article, titled “10 hours if fear and loathing in Paris” became viral, and his video, showing a 10 hour walk in Paris wearing a Kippah, received millions of views. He was mentioned as one of the Top “100 People Positively Influencing Jewish Life, 2015” by the Algemeiner Jewish American newspaper.

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