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Jewish Meditation WORKSHOP – Psychedelics in Judaism


We are delighted to have rabbi Yerach with us during Tu Biswat this year. On the second day of our Tu Biswat celebration, he has a lecture on Psychedelics in Judaism followed by a meditation practice. Do come along!

15:00- 15:30 Psychedelics in Judaism

15:30-17:00 Jewish Meditation – a practical workshop

Rabbi Yerach’s description of the event:

Mind expanders are used by many people to escape and break the
frameworks they live in in order to discover a wider world in their
minds. Those people don’t realize that instead of breaking frames, they can dive deep into them and discover the depth and expansion of their consciousness within them. Many studies today seek to uncover whether and how drugs were used in the Jewish tradition. Let’s go on a journey along with the mystical Jewish mind expanders.

Religious practices have been practiced throughout history by most
people. Every religion has its own set of practices. Growing up, we also left the religious frameworks in which we were
raised, as well as the practices that made us human for thousands of years. Humans are the purpose of the spirit world. Having a spiritual framework allows us to connect to a wider world, with other people, with the universe, and with God. The sense of spiritual connection gives meaning and direction to life.

Rabbi Yerach:

Rabbi Yerach B. Meiersdorf is the rabbi of the MAROM Masorti/Conservative young adult movement worldwide. Born to American parents who had made Aliyah, he grew up in a National-Orthodox family in Jerusalem’s Har Nof neighborhood. Rabbi Meiersdorf and his wife Nava lived in Ein Kerem, Jerusalem.
Together, they founded a spiritual Masorti congregation for young
adults. Rabbi Yerach is a Jewish educator and spiritual teacher who recently published a book on spiritual education.

For covering our expenses (e.g. room rental), we’d kindly ask anyone who can, to donate 1000 HUF. There will be a box for collecting that at the venue. Please do come along even if you can’t contribute this time. We’ll be happy to see you! Thank you very much!

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