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Online Movement Playground workshop led by Adi Weinberg


Movement Playground workshop led by Gaga teacher Adi Weinberg

Organised by L1 Association
With the generous support of the Embassy of Israel in Hungary

2020 November 28 and 29 (Sat, Sun) 10.00-12.00 a.m.

Movement Playground sessions will focus on certain elements: breaking our own habits, using our imagination, deepening the awareness to our body – the space inside us and connecting to the world around us and beyond the familiar zone of sight.
In each session we will play with various tasks to experience different physical sensations and expand our movement skills.
Towards the end of each session, will be a space to meet and chat around the topics from the physical research: share experiences, sensations, questions, thoughts, in connection to the practice.

Each session will be 2 hours long (with a short water break)
on 2020 November 28 and 29 (Sat, Sun) 10.00-12.00
The workshop is free of charge but pre online registration is needed.
Just the registered participants will get the link access to the online workshop.

This workshop is for everyone from the age of 16+ with or without any background in dance.

The language of instruction is English.
Please wear comfortable clothes you can move in and with bare feet or socks. You will need a bit of space to move in – enough to swing your arms around, about 2m2 (or more!).
Please have a notebook and some writing materials available for the session.
Please connect 5 min earlier to make sure your connection, sound and video work well so we can start on time (no entry for late comers). Please turn your camera on during the sessions.
All participants take part in the session (no option to just observe so that there is no sense of an audience).

* By joining the Movement Playground workshop you declare you are in good shape, and understand the nature of the activity. You fully accept and assume all responsibility for injury or damage that may result from your participation in the workshop. You release and hold harmless the teacher – Adi Weinberg Prejna, other participants with respect to any or all injury or damages arising from the activity to the fullest extent permitted by law.

** Ownership of all methods presented by Adi Weinberg during the training will remain with Adi Weinberg Prejna. The recording and distributing of the workshop presented is forbidden.

photo: Eliza Krakowka

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