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Las Salinas

  Sziget Fesztivál Május 9. park
Budapest, 1033 Magyarország

Renowned Tel Aviv based duo, Las Salinas, are one of the hottest growing names in the Electronic Dance Music scene in Tel-Aviv.
Las Salinas adapted their name from the legendary beach found in Ibiza that attracts attention from around the world.
The men behind the talent are two Israelis, Israel Bicher and Shaulli Harrari.
These two gifted DJsProducers reflect true passion toward the Electronic Dance Music scene and more specifically, toward the trance crowd.
Las Salinas began flourishing in Tel-Aviv, then expanded all over Israel, and finally sharing their music with countries around the globe.
Word of the potential possessed by these two producers spread quickly creating hype that is nothing short of well deserved.
This hype has increased over the years contributing to their success today.
Their records are not only hitting the biggest clubs in Israel, but are also being
played by well-known DJ’s and Radio shows, one of which being Paul van Dyk.
As native Israelis, Las Salinas’s has made a particular mark on the Israeli club scene and are known for creating a unique and classy atmosphere to the parties they DJ at.
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