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English language guidad tour of the exhibition „Ghettos beyond Budapest”

  Holokauszt Emlékközpont Páva utca 39
Budapest, 1094 Magyarország

Ghettos beyond Budapest
“… none of them will be spared here.”

Guided tour of the temporary exhibition at the Holocaust Memorial Centre

On 19 March 1944 German troops occupied Hungary. Under the Sztójay government appointed by Miklós Horthy, the ghettoisation and deportation of Hungarian Jews was completed in less than 3 months. The Hungarian administration organised the rural ghettos, which served as temporary collection points. The conditions were terrible: overcrowdedness, deprivation, hunger, a total lack of hygiene and the spread of diseases made the weeks spent here even more agonising for its inhabitants.
And what did the local non-Jewish population know about all these? Essentially everything… The aim of our exhibition is to show this. One only had to read articles in the national and local press or study street posters and wall stickers. Their daily experience showed them that Jews were deprived of almost all their possessions, and soon afterwards of their properties, shops and workshops outside the designated ghetto. The Hungarian population was aware that „… none of them will be spared here”.

More on the exhibition:

Venue: Holocaust Memorial Centre, gallery of the Páva Street Synagogue
Date: Saturday, 16 July 2022, from 3 PM

Guided tours are free of charge, but registration is required!

Registration: by email at [email protected] or by phone +36 1 455 3333 until 13 July. Guided tours start with a minimum number of 5 people.

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