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Camp Jichak Family Camp

  Szarvas Camp Szarvas, 5540 Magyarország

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Do you still remember Szarvas? If not, probably you have never been there, no worries, this is your chance to learn more about the place. 😊
We organise a family camp for those who know the place and for those who have never experienced the ‘Szarvas Feeling’. There will be activities for kids from 1 year old.
Arts and craft, challange park, sport, dancing, wall climbing, pottery, cooking for kids and a lot more.
There will of course be activities for parents too, a lot of fun together.
The pool, the tennis court, football field offers a lot of outdoor activitities.
We will not forget about our traditions either. Although the camp isn’t a religious one, but we offer kosher food, we will prepare the chalah for Shabat and will have Kabalat Shabat together.

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