All the World’s a Stage avagy színház az egész világ

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Hanukakor arra keressük a választ, hogy kóser-e a színház.
Akik segítségünkre lesznek: Miriam Camerini és Andras Borgula színházi rendező.
Az előadás angol nyelven zajlik.
How does the jewish tradition view theatre that embodies Hellenic culture? This topic is timely right in the middle of Chanukah. The answer is by far not obvious and for this exact reason, we decided to invite two theatre directors and see how they decode talmudic texts. Miriam Camerini will come here straight from Milan so she would answer the “great question” together with Andras Borgula- is theatre kosher?

There will be also a special Chanukah candle lighting and tons of sufganiya (doughnuts), of course. Come and celebrate together on the 8th day of Chanukah!

The event is free but donations are accepted. (Recommended contribution is 800 HUF)

Organized by Bálint Ház and Talmud nem csak Nőknek/Talmud not only for Women
Our partners: Mozaik Zsidó Közösségi Hub, Limmud Magyarország, Paideia – The European Institute for Jewish Studies in Sweden